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We manufacture cost-effective, eco-friendly pelleting solutions
Agricon's pellet machines are manufactured from the best quality waterjet- and lasercut steel plates. We employ the latest state-of-the-art 3-D designing software, coupled with CNC equipment cutting to manufacture the finest quality pellet machines.

Our patented pellet machines are supplemented with a range of product handling equipment such as augers, mixers, hoppers, bucket elevators and bagging units, to name but a few.

We pride ourselves in our excellent service
We offer concise after-sales service and training for our whole product range. Agricon also focuses on the expansion of products that are able to be pelleted, by doing various trials on non-traditional products other than animal feeds. We therefore welcome product testing to prove that our machines are up to the task that you require.



Pelletized feed takes up much less storage space
Pelletized feed can be stored for longer and with less wastage
You determine what you feed your animals and in what ratio
Eliminates selective feeding habits
Better handling properties and a cleaner product
Feed can be transported more easily
Reduces respiratory disease in animals due to dust inhalation
Pelletized feeds have a 145% higher conversion ratio
Better results with growth in animals
Decrease wastage of loose feed by up to 30% when pelleted

Turns animal waste into pelletized fertilizer
More hygienic to handle and work with
Can be applied with normal fertilizer machines

Turns various waste products into a usable product of value
Product increases in value or gains value
Higher energy value during burning due to a compacted calorific value
Better handling qualities
Easier to transport and therefore more economical loads
Better storage properties
Environmental safer forms are created
Less methane gas released into the atmosphere during burning
Replacement of certain fossil fuels
Lower ash content than fossil fuels
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What products can be pelleted?
We constantly get requests to test new products out to see if they can be pelleted. Anything from animal feeds, rooibos tea and wood chips, to fertilizers, animal manure and chemicals can be pelleted. The list is endless. If you would like to view a sample gallery of a selection of the products we have pelleted, click on the image below.



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A few things that you need to know about agricultural pelleting systems


Agricon Pelleting started in 1993 and has since been producing top quality agricultural pelleting equipment, all manufactured to quality Certified European (CE) specifications.

Pelletizing your animal feed can drastically cut your feed wastage by up to 30%! Pellets are cleaner and easier to handle, and are much hygienically safer for your animals. Best of all, you get to determine what you feed your animals, right down to the perfect ratio.

Our range of pellet machines produce anything from 200kg of pellets per hour on our entry-level machine, to a maximum of 2.5 tonnes of pellets per hour on our high-end machine, and can be run 24/7 with just one hour of routine downtime per week for maintainance.

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